A. All students enrolled in West Virginia public schools shall behave in a manner that promotes a school environment that is nurturing, orderly, safe and conducive to learning and personal-social development.

B. Students will help create an atmosphere free from bullying, intimidation and harassment.

C. Students will demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness.

D. Students will treat others with respect, deal peacefully with anger, use good manners and be considerate of the feelings of others.

E. Students will demonstrate responsibility, use self-control and be self-disciplined.

F. Students will demonstrate fairness, play by the rules, and will not take advantage of others.

G. Students will demonstrate compassion and caring.

H. Students will demonstrate good citizenship by obeying laws and rules, respecting authority, and by cooperating with others.

This Student Code of Conduct applies to all students attending Marshall County Schools during any education-sponsored event, whether in a classroom, elsewhere on school premises, on a school bus or other vehicle used for a school-related event, or at a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not it is held on school premises, in a building or other property used or operated by a county board of education, RESA or state department of education, or in another facility being used by any of those agencies.

Students who do not behave in a manner that promotes a nurturing, orderly, safe environment conducive to learning will be subject to disciplinary action as specified in the “Violations of and Responses to the Student Code of Conduct” (section 5.3.4)